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Handbags For Every Occasion



Handbags are a necessity for every woman. They carry her most important things without ruining her outfit or causing it to bend out of shape. Some people can’t get enough of them and have a huge collection of handbags while others limit the number to what they need. But what can be certain is that both types – hoarders and minimalists – different types of handbags are needed for different occasions. This article tells about the HANDBAGS FOR EVERY OCCASION.

In this article, we run through a few scenarios in which you might have to find the perfect handbag. In the end, you should always pick a handbag that represents you, but having a select few for particular occasions is always useful.


The type of handbag you pick for your wedding will also depend on the wedding itself. Weddings can be set in the fields, in the forests, at the beach, at a villa or a house, in a church, in a vineyard – there are so many options. The first thing is to Pick a style. For a boho wedding, opt for a crochet bag or a bag with tassels. Perhaps your friends will host an event that is a little more funky and colorful – use this as an opportunity to get creative and get a bag that is a more abstract and out of the box. Go for luminous, wavy patterns and crazy bags with obscure shapes and sizes.


When you go for an interview, you want to look your best and give off a good impression. Being clean, neat and organized is particularly fitting if that reflects the skills needed for the job. Anything from shoulder bags, quilted or suede, to clutches and minaudieres will do.

Perhaps the interview is looking for a creative thinker that has conceptual ideas. The interviewer is looking for a mind that likes to let itself run wild. Quirky handbags that are decorated with bits and bobs and that use colors that are vibrant and eye-catching are perfect.

If you need to bring some notes or a laptop with you, satchels are a great option. It is a compact bag that not only looks trendy but provides you with enough space to carry your things. It has a small loop on the top of the bag to hold it like a suitcase and a long strap from its side to place it on your shoulders.


The tote bag is a big, roomy bag that can hold almost every item you want to carry. The broad straps make it easier to carry and as long as you chose good quality woven materials, the bag can hold a lot of weight.

A backpack sits on both your shoulders with the help of the straps. This distributes the weight of the inside of the backpack which makes them comfortable, convenient, and easy to carry around those heavy groceries and bring them home.


On a night out you need only a few things: keys, phone, money, and cards. The less you have to care about the better. You can take this evening as a time to strut outside with a cute little handbag. Mini handbags are great. They can hang around your neck like a necklace keeping your hands free. Cross bags are also perfect for a night out. They can be a little larger and hold a few extra things that you might need to take with you – like makeup – and they keep your hands free.


Clutches, as the name suggests, can easily be held in your hands. They are classy and elegant – perfect for a reception, gala or formal dinner. They are a representation of how much you value putting in an extra effort that is needed to hold a clutch. Instead of going for an easy handbag to carry, you glide across rooms in pure sophistication and dedication.

Depending on the outfit, clutches in natural colors or vibrant two-tones are always a popular choice. You can also go for minaudiere – a clutch encrusted with colored stones, gems, pearls, and oozes grandeur.


A good old tote bag might be enough for your extra carry-on piece or perhaps a backpack with compartments so that it is easy for you to take out your laptop and liquids without having to search for too long.  HANDBAGS FOR EVERY OCCASION

Plan your outfit and tell us about it in the comments section below.

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